ABQ Jiu Jitsu: Get Your Foot In The Door.

Our goal at Impact is to make the initial transition into BJJ as fear-free and easy as possible.

It took me 6 years to step foot into a Jiu Jitsu gym after meeting Ben. I used to rather sit in the car while he rolled than go inside. I was intimidated by it being a "man's sport"(sometimes I still am), by it being "full contact", and I really just had no concept of "what Jiu Jitsu was". At the time, I was very satisfied with running (still am!) and group fitness classes. Begrudgingly I agreed to go one evening after another girl persuaded me to try it, and real talk: I cried the whole way to the gym.

Jiu Jitsu, for me like most people who try it, from day ONE changed my life forever. It was and IS the most physically and mentally challenging sport I've ever tried. It's helped me understand my body (it's strengths AND limitations) in a way that life and other sports never could. I better understand when I'm safe and when I'm not, both inside the gym and out. I grapple with men and women twice my size and with certainly double my strength and I feel just as powerful and capable (or I discover MY limitations and understand what I need to learn). Empowerment at it's greatest.

On Mondays at 5:30pm, we offer a free introduction to BJJ. This is usually a 1:1 group with one of our instructors to ease you into Jiu Jitsu and your first class.

Wednesdays at 6pm is our Women's Night during BJJ 1. I, alongside the other ladies at our gym, will be there to help you and answer any questions/alleviate any fears you may have. As a female owner of the gym, it's my absolute mission to create a friendly and safe environment for all of our members to start and continue this journey.

ABQ Jiu Jitsu School