Honesty and Patience | Albuquerque Jiu Jitsu

Two of the most important characteristics that an individual can cultivate in their Jiu Jitsu, or Kickboxing, or any martial art for that matter, are patience and honesty. First, let’s talk honesty. Honesty is the ultimate tool for personal progress. Whether you are drilling or sparring it doesn’t matter. When you are reflecting on your training session, or perhaps even during your training sessions, ask questions: Did I really drill that new move diligently, did I actually roll light, when I giving my partner feeds, did I actually give my best effort to make them of high quality, did I give them that sub or did they actually catch me in something like I didn’t see coming or couldn’t defend, AM I PROTECTING MY EGO BY ROLLING IN A CERTAIN WAY, etc?! Be brutally, evisceratingly, honest with your answers, and then work to improve where you can. Training that falls short of honest is not only hollow in its value to you as a person, but also in its value to help protect you when you need it.

Second, is patience. We know intellectually that all things take time, but when it comes to developing skills, waiting out an uncomfortable position, dealing with adversity, or even securing victory, we almost always rush things. This leads to incredible amounts of frustration and the painful “almost, but not quite” moments. BE PATIENT. The right move at the wrong time is in fact the wrong move! The submission or escape that you so desperately want will only be available to you at certain moments and under the right circumstances. Breathe, be calm, and be patient. The time and circumstances can, and likely will, come about, but you must be patient enough for them to arise. My friend and head coach of Nemesis Jiu Jitsu @nemesisbjj in Portland, OR once told me that “Jiu Jitsu is the art of getting shit for free”. What he meant was be patient, and with control and awareness your opponents will give you what you want. 

So good luck, be honest, be patient, and I look forward to seeing you on the mat. Cheers. -Coach Ben #impactjjabq #impactjj #jiujitsu #bjj#blackbelt #nogi #nmtrue