Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training sessions cover concepts from boxing, kickboxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Emphasis is placed on good boxing structure, footwork, body mechanics and timing.

Class components include mobility, range awareness, boxing hands, Thai legs, elbows, knees, basic clinch and ground techniques, as well as self-defense strategies for use in common street situations.

This is a fundamentals class designed to help new members focus on the primary tools of each range and learn key vocabulary. The program introduces the core concepts that run through all of our classes. 


In order to excel in MMA, athletes must become proficient in many different disciplines. Impact members benefit from specialized kickboxing instruction. These classes greatly enhance the skills of our MMA fight team and hobbyist members. Technical instruction, drills, and sparring are a part of every class.